Christmas is coming…

Handcrafted snow man handpainted on a shuttle with the caption “its so cold makes me shutter”

Ok, me too….I hate, hate, hate going into a store before Halloween and seeing Christmas decor!!

I debated whether I should share Christams DIY yet.  At Antiquey we are busily getting our inventory ready for the season so; share I will!  This  really is a winter decoration.  I will leave this hanging thru February. .This project is so simple and fabulous!

 Your shopping list is:

One shutter, the one shown is 19 inches long by 10 3/4 wide and 1/4 thick.

White paint, orange paint, glitter and brush

White & black paint pen (sharpie makes a great one!)

Material for small scarf

Felt for small hat

Small buttons

Wood glue

One sawtooth picture hanger

Some imagination and paitence.

Have fun!  Get creative! I painted the snowman first.  Be sure to turn your shutter alot to ensure you are covering the right amount of the shutter slats.  You are going to put two coats of paint on during this step.  Let the first coat dry completely.

After the second coat sprinkle glitter here and there so your guy will sparkle as you walk by when he is all done.  The glitter will dry on the snowman as the paint dries.

Use the white pen to draw the snowflakes and add a statement if you want.  You can use the “shutter” one we used or create your own!  The pens are great for this, but if you can brush the letters on, go for it.

Once the snowman dries glue on his scarf, buttons and hat.  I added his eyes,mouth and nose last.  I think that made it easier to avoid covering them up with the accessories.

Our hangs on the wall with one sawtooth hanger.

Send us pic’s of your finshed snowman and we will publish them here and at our facebook page.



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